Society of

St. Vincent De Paul

of St. Louis


Help and Hope for Those in Need

Welcome to our Thrift Store


4127 Forest Park Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 314-531-9364


Monday Ė Saturday 9AM to 5PM


We accept donations at the store, or call Joy at 314-531-9364 ext. 120 to schedule a pick-up.


Our Thrift Store plays an important role in providing assistance to those in need in the St. Louis area.Through a staff of employees and volunteers, the Thrift Store works to collect, evaluate and merchandise a variety of donated goods.These donations provide a low cost shopping alternative of quality goods to many individuals and families.In addition, the Thrift Store provides personal and household items for those who are unable to afford these purchases through a voucher system. .

Serving Christ's needy is the first purpose of the St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store.Surplus funds from the Thrift Store operation are used to assist the Society by offsetting the expense of other programs of assistance provided by the Society of St. Vincent De Paul of St. Louis.

The St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store schedules truck pick-up service in many St. Louis area city and county zip codes for those donating furniture, appliances and household items, and clothing.




How you can help

Our Thrift Store relies on the generosity of many individuals and organizations throughout the St. Louis area.Here are some of the ways that you can help this worthy cause:


  • By shopping at the Thrift Store and supporting the Society of St. Vincent De Paul.Please visit us.
  • By volunteering to assist the Thrift Store in sorting, pricing and selling merchandise
  • By coordinating the collection of donations at your parish or within your organization.Call your rectory or organizationís office for more information
  • By donating your gently used furniture, appliances, household items and clothing.You can call us and arrange a free pickup of large items.Our phone number is (314) 531-9364.Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS.Speak to your tax preparer for more information.


Our Mission Statement


Society of St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Stores throughout the United States are an association of lay employees and volunteers dedicated to serve our needy sisters and brothers.All who come to our Stores are welcomed with dignity and respect.We hope they leave as friends to shop with us again.Those who cannot afford the clothing, furniture and other household items they need will be provided for through a Vincentian initiated referral system.

Our customers, employees and volunteers are treated equally without regard to race, color, creed, age, sex or national origin.All people including the disadvantaged handicapped and other special persons, are employed so that we may all benefit from the talents and abilities of everyone seeking employment.

Serving Christís needy is the first purpose of all St. Vincent De Paul Society Stores.To continue in this ministry, we will use sound business practices.Surplus funds will be used to support parish Conferences and other Society charitable causes approved by our Councils and boards of directors.

For over 150 years the Society of St. Vincent De Paul has been serving the community.Through your support of the Thrift Store and the many other programs and services, we will continue to reach out to those in need


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